Digital Commerce

A Next-Generation Digital Commerce Platform Designed To Engage Clients

The Internet is a global marketplace. Shoppers are no longer restricted to specific locations or languages. They are looking for and promoting platforms that offer ease, good value, and a pleasurable purchase experience. We provide design and custom digital commerce solutions for iOS and Android platforms. Do you want to create your own digital commerce brand?

Features of a Digital Commerce Platform

We are generally renowned as a digital commerce developer who understands which features convert fence watchers into devoted clients.

On-the-go ordering

Users place orders for things using just one or two simple touches. This function allows users to purchase items from a wide range of options accessible on the site in a few simple steps.

Catalog of Products

To attract more customers, showcase 1,000+ product categories and over 2 lakh goods on your digital commerce storefront. Give your customers options and keep them interested in your brand.

Digital Commerce with Multiple Vendors

Allow your users to choose from numerous vendors and create a diverse variety of items to showcase on your digital commerce front.

Payment Gateway in-app

It is critical to have a secure payment gateway in place to safeguard users. Users may pay for their orders using a variety of payment options, such as net banking, e-wallets, and credit or debit cards, for safe, quick, and secure payment.

Booking / Order Scheduling

Allow consumers to schedule deliveries at their preferred time and day. The user may plan delivery a day or week in advance by selecting the preferred time period.

Make a Call with a Click

Customers might contact sales or customer service with the simple call button. Making it simple to contact customer service or assistance increases client trust.

Simple But Powerful Authentications

During registration, two-step verification with an OTP for both email and phone is required. Authentication during delivery with an OTP further makes the process secure and safe for both customers and merchants.

Filters and Advanced Search

Make it easy for your users to search for and locate things they are interested in. Filters allow you to tailor your search to your users' preferences. There are several sorts of filters: - price, color, category, and so forth.

Tracking order / GPS tracking in real time

After placing a product order, customers may track the order status and receive real-time updates. Users may view the estimated arrival time of their order in real time.

Context-Specific inputs pre-filled forms

In presenting the design, were number keyboards present for numeric fields and other interfaces users are accustomed to. Carry forward user data from the registration page to the checkout page so users don’t have to fill out lengthy forms over and over.

Product placement strategy

Our designers successfully arrange popular items or products that consumers have looked for in easy view to encourage speedy purchases. Viewed / similar / accompanying goods are intentionally placed to capture user interest, which helps increase purchases.

Customized Digital Commerce Platform for Digital Commerce Development

With extensive expertise working across different platforms and technologies, we understand the necessity of providing an exceptional user experience across all user contact points within digital commerce systems. We assist you decrease implementation risk and provide your consumers with the best possible purchasing experience on your digital commerce platform. We customize digital commerce solutions to fit your company specialization.

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